Alshabab excutes a Ugandan POW under its custody for more than a year

The Somali Islamist group of Alshabab has released a video clip showing the excution of a Ugandan prisoner of war who was seazed by Alshabab fighters in September 2015 in an attack on an AMISOM base in the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia.

An apeal to the Ugandan troops in Somalia, the deceased soldier encouraged the troops not to be attracted to the good salaries they receive in Somalia but to think of their families and parents back in Uganda.

The soldier by the name of Massasa has also called for the Kenyan president Uhur Kenyatta not to forget two Kenyan POWS currently in Alshabab hands as he was forgotten by his government.

An Alshabab fighter armed with a pistol is seen in the video firing two bullets at the Ugandan soldier’s head and a third one on the chest as the soldier falls backwards.

A Ugandan soldier and two Kenyan soldiers are now under the custody of Alshabab and their faith is not known as the group has now killed this soldier.


Baidoa Media Centre

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